ApproachAt Back on Track  we place tremendous influence on education. We believe it is vitally important that you understand how your body is supposed to work so that you can be actively involved in fixing it. Once you understand what you’re doing wrong at work, at home or at play that is predisposing you to pain and injury, you can put measures in to place to prevent future problems.

We don’t believe in the quick fix approach of patching you up, relieving pain and then sending you off into the world to fend for yourself. This will help you in the short term, but you will be back requiring help in the not too distant future.

By all means, we will absolutely treat you to reduce pain, inflammation, spasm, muscle tightness and joint stiffness, but we will also teach you how to sit, stand, garden, play sport, etc using the correct muscles to do the right job at the right time. Ultimately moving on to an exercise program to strengthen and retrain muscles in correct movement will give the best treatment outcomes.

Through combining education and treatment at the same time, your recovery will usually be smoother, faster and last for much longer.