Clinical Pilates

Clinical PilatesClinical Pilates is a post graduate accredited training program for Physiotherapists who work in spinal and sports injury rehabilitation. All level 4 Clinical Pilates trained Physiotherapists can be located on the international registry of Clinical Pilates practitioners and have completed the highest level of postgraduate training available at present.

Whilst traditional Pilates is suitable for people without injuries, Clinical Pilates is suitable for everyone, and is particularly aimed at people recovering from sporting injuries, and neck and back problems.

At Back on Track, our staff aim for the highest standards of practice. We offer small group classes (max. 10 people), and personal training in Clinical Pilates (using the reformer, trapeze table, fitballs and mat exercises). Most importantly though, we educate you in correct postural techniques. Our philosophy is that once you understand the muscle imbalances in your body, and how the body is supposed to function, you can take back control of your own health and rehabilitation. You will learn how to sit, stand, move, garden and play whatever sport you play using the right muscles and therefore avoid injury.

Clinical Pilates is not a quick fix. It is a means of retraining the body to work the way nature intended, which will lead to permanent pain relief, and increased energy.

What’s involved?

Initial assessment/training session:

All participants must undergo an initial assessment and training session. During this session the Physiotherapist will perform a full postural assessment and determine where your individual weaknesses lie. You will then be educated in how the body works, how to correct your imbalances, and finally learn how to perform Pilates exercises in a way that is suitable and appropriate for you.

Follow up sessions:

Following your initial visit, most people attend between 4-6 one-on-one sessions where you learn more exercises to add to your program to do at home. This gives you the tools to use for the rest of your life.

If you have done Pilates before you may be able to fast track through the individual sessions. This depends on your level of experience and how well you have been taught. Whether or not you fast track will be decided by the Physiotherapist in charge of your care. We have very high standards of teaching in order to ensure your safety and to achieve excellent outcomes.

Fee schedule - Clinical Pilates - Individual
Initial consultation (75 minutes)$140.00
Initial consultation, pensioner (75 minutes)$130.00
Review consultation (35 minutes)$90.00
Review consultation, pensioner (35 minutes)$80.00

Ongoing training:

Following these initial sessions, you can continue with personal training or move into small group classes on the machines in the studio, the 55 minute mat classes or you can continue your home program at home either using your exercise handouts or following the mat class DVD we have available.

Personal training:

You can continue with personal training in Clinical Pilates as long as you like. Personal training can be on the mat or on the machines if you prefer a more gym-like type of exercise. Payment is for 5 or 10 weeks in advance to cement your place in the class.

Please note: Personal training for groups of 2 or 3 are on the machines.

Personal training on the machines: sessions are available in groups of 1, 2 or 3.

Fee schedule - Clinical Pilates - Personal Training
One person (40 minutes)$90.00
Two people (40 minutes)$45.00 per person
Three people (40 minutes)$30.00 per person

Small group mat classes:

After you finish learning your home program and are confident that you can manage a 55 minute class, we do hold small group mat classes at a church hall in Doncaster. The classes follow the state school terms. The classes cost $25 per class (concessions available), but you pay for a school term in advance. No classes are held in school holidays and on public holidays.

Our small group mat classes are held at:


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Classes are currently held on Thursday mornings at 10.00am and 11.00am, Thursday nights at 7.00pm and Tuesday nights at 6.30pm and 7.30pm. Additional morning and evening classes will be made available if class sizes get too big.

Classes can be organised on request for groups of 5 or more. For example, pre/post-natal groups, arthritis groups, over 60’s groups, over size 18 groups, particular sporting clubs, all men/women groups etc. So get a group of your friends together and contact Lisa (Principal Physiotherapist) to arrange a specific class.

All mats and equipment are supplied. You only need to bring a large towel and wear comfortable clothing. All exercises are performed in bare feet.

All classes/sessions are claimable through private health insurance companies (if you have physiotherapy cover), Workcover, TAC and DVA.

Further terms and conditions apply to small group classes.

Fee schedule - Clinical Pilates - Small Group Classes
Group class (55 minutes)$25.00 per classs$250.00 block of 10 classes
Group class, pensioners, concession card holders, people attending more than one class per week (55 minutes)$20.00 per class$200.00 block of 10 classes

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