Good and bad of electronic games

Physiotherapists are understanding the positive and negative impacts of electronic games on children’s health. Professor Straker of Curtin University School of Physiotherapy says extensive use of sedentary e-games is comparable to lengthy computer use and not good for your body posture.

Sustained poor postures during sedentary e-game use are similar to prolonged computer postures and likely to result in similar issues, for example neck/shoulder pain and back pain from raised shoulders and slumped sitting.

Professor Straker said there are also potential musculoskeletal benefits of e-games, including enhanced motor coordination and physical activity.

For active games involving stepping/jumping such as games with a dance mat or whole body games, (they) require muscle movement which may help with muscle fitness and joint/bone loading which may help with joint/bone development.

Professor Straker presented his findings at the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Conference, Melbourne, October 17-20, 2013.  Read more here.

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